Information Governance

Practices may be rightly concerned about the security credentials of any service that they may use which will handle any information about patients. Ultimately practices must make their own decisions on these matters, but you may find helpful the following statement and documents provided by CFH Docmail Ltd.


Docmail is provided by CFH Docmail Ltd a secure print and mailing company which provides print and mailing services for Local Government, GPs, Dentists, Medical Practices, Schools, Exam Boards and Banks etc throughout the UK. The system can be found online at and requires a secure user name and password for businesses to log on and upload their letters and address lists to create mailings.

Information Governance Toolkit

We have achieved a 100% rating when completing the NHS Digital's Information Governance Toolkit Assessment for 2015-2016 and we meet with the terms and conditions of the DH Information Governance Assurance Statement.

The assessments are available at the NHS IG Toolkit website - follow the link and change the dropdown to select 2015/16.


We are approved by the following:

  • GP System of Choice – Lot approved supplier
  • Crown Commercial Service – Government Procurement Service for Hybrid Mail  - which allows all government organisations to use CFH Docmail.
  • Health Trust Europe and London Procurement Programme for Outgoing Mail Solutions  
  • Over 100 medical studies have approved the use of CFH Docmail. 1,000,000 medical studies packs have been sent since 2011 across more than 500 surgeries
  • Caldicott Guardian across a number areas have approved the use of CFH Docmail when asked
  • Ethics Committees have approved the use of CFH Docmail by surgeries for use in medical studies
  • N3 Network integration


I am pleased to support this information with the following documents:

Communicating with patients

To ensure the patients are aware that surgeries are using CFH Docmail it is recommended for the surgery to inform patients of their Docmail use through their website, surgery notice etc. We hold the data for only 28 days, then this is deleted from our servers. The data is not shared with anyone, as per the parameters of our ISO 27001 information security management system, and our 100% approval with Connecting for Health for information Governance.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We are happy to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement with each individual practice, several hundred of our surgeries have opted for this agreement. Please see the Mutual Non-Disclosure agreement attached. [NB though it includes confidentiality clauses this reads as a document addressing commercial concerns too - if this does not suit you then CFH Docmail Ltd will happily consider a different wording for an agreement proposed by you so long as their legal department okays it]

Cookies are installed for web information only to enhance usage and we do not store any data and you have the choice to delete these cookies after every session on your PC.

CFH Docmail offers a Returns Management service. This means that for an additional 2p per outgoing envelope, we can manage your returns on your docmail account. The recipient's name address and the reason as to why the item was undeliverable will be recorded on your CFH Docmail account for you to download.